The Community Boil

The Community Boil

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Since 1983 Fat Tuesday has been serving up the spirit of New Orleans—to the tune of 25 million drinks per year.

With three hundred years of devoted practice, New Orleans has perfected the art of kicking back. We parade often. We throw festivals for anything and everything. Hell, we’ve even figured out how to party while walking to our next party, Go cups in hand.

Because when we open ourselves up to revelry, the nonsense melts away. We’re emissaries of chill. Bon temps ambassadors. Advocates of the go-cup lifestyle.

With over 30 domestic and International locations (Call it the Fun Belt), FAT TUESDAY’s bright-hued, high-quality cocktails are calming worries, quickening pulses, and improving moods wherever we land.

Behind our doors, we warmly encourage people to take themselves less seriously. The world outside can keep its roles and responsibilities.