Not to brag, but the frozen daiquiri to geaux — a delightful and colorful concoction for any occasion — was our idea.

While we’re flattered to be imitated, we’re also proud of our place in the history of refreshment. And so here’s the story of how we pushed the daiquiri beyond the blender and launched a million go cups.

Like many delightful phenomena, it’s the story of a true New Orleans original.


The Big Freezy

The year was 1983.

Boomboxes were blasting Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Nerds were lining up to see Return of the Jedi. And in New Orleans, a pleasure pioneer named David Briggs Jr. was introducing the world to his daiquiris, passing out samples out on Bourbon Street and planting good ideas like some kind of boozy Johnny Appleseed.

We’ll admit it: the concept wasn’t rocket science. Our goal was to offer delicious, frosty drinks that raised our neighbors’ spirits. Our revolutionary take on the daiquiri was strong, sweet, and ready to hit the road.

Pretty soon, we were fueling breakdancing battles all over the place. High fives reached an all-time high. Daiquiri fever had officially gripped the city.

An Empire of Chill

From these humble beginnings—a few innovative chilling machines and twenty tasty flavors—grew a formidable frozen drink empire. Because, as it turns out, New Orleans isn’t the only place that appreciates a good drink.

Today we’re spreading good vibes near and far with more than 50 locations across the continent. We believe that every day can use a bit of revelry, so we’re here to provide instant vacations, quick pick-me-ups, and instant fun infusions.

So join us and start taking it easy. And remember to sip slow. We don’t want you getting a brain freeze.

How It Started

Jan. 1, 1983: The first location opens in Hammond, a small college town about an hour north of New Orleans.

1984: We quickly move into the New Orleans market, opening locations on Bourbon Street, St. Charles Avenue in the Uptown area and the bustling suburbs of Metairie and Kenner.

1984: The fledgling company agrees to participate in the inaugural French Quarter Festival in Jackson Square with one booth. Thirty-five years later, we’re still in the festival, which has grown into an international event that encompasses the entire French Quarter, riverfront and much of the Marigny. We now have seven booths in the festival.

1986: Open in the new Riverwalk Marketplace on the New Orleans riverfront. This area was part of the 1984 World’s Fair that was redeveloped into the Riverwalk and Convention Center. We later add a second location in the Riverwalk.

Late 1980s: The company begins to streamline the mixing process, moving away from blenders and pre-packaging mixes in our signature aseptic cartons. This innovative process significantly reduced our product costs and became an important factor in our ability to grow at a much faster pace, including franchising and selling our mixes to third-party wholesale accounts.

1989: Our Metairie store moves from its original location in Fat City to the corner of Veterans and Severn at Lakeside Mall. This location quickly becomes a huge attraction that enjoys a 30-year run of unparalleled success.

Late 1980s/early 1990s: The company rapidly expands in the New Orleans metropolitan area, opening more locations in Orleans and Jefferson parishes, and the bedroom communities of Chalmette and Belle Chasse.

New Year’s Eve 1995: We introduce the Yard Dog at our Bourbon location. The 28- ounce container, the first of its kind in the French Quarter, meets with lukewarm results. But we give it another chance for Mardi Gras 1996 and it EXPLODES in popularity. The Yard Dog spurs record sales at all our locations for several years and is still a staple of our Bourbon Street cup selection.

Aug. 29, 2005: Hurricane Katrina ravages the area but NOOD fights back with all of the region. We were able to re-open the majority of our stores quickly and helped lead the resurgence of the city’s economy. The corporate office had to relocate temporarily to Baton Rouge, but our corporate and store employees persevered.

May 2006: Our company participates in its first Jazzfest with three booths serving our daiquiris. We now have grown to five booths in the event that encompasses two weekends in late April/early May. The event generates huge sales for our company.

Feb. 7, 2010: The recovery from Katrina, although not complete, was given a huge boost when the Saints won the Super Bowl. Who Dat!

Mid-2000s to present: We continue to add locations, now totaling 26 company- owned stores. That includes three popular locations in Baton Rouge and two on the Northshore.